WebExchange Users' Guide

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Connecting to WebExchange
Software Requirements
Logging in to Your Account
Logging in to the Practice Markets
Logging out

Navigating in WebExchange
The WebEx Menu Bar
"Go To Market" Button
"Market Info" Button
"My Account" Button
"Help" Button
"Logout" Button

Trading Rights
Markets and the Objects Traded
Buying and Selling Fixed Price Bundles
Placing Market Orders
Buying and Selling Market Price Bundles
Placing Limit Orders
Withdrawing Orders
Order Queues
Short Sales and Margins
Feasibility Checks
Self Trades
Spinoffs and Splits
Asset Liquidations by the Exchange

Account-Specific Reports
Trades Report
Outstanding Asks Report
Outstanding Bids Report
Orders and Order Resolution Report
Portfolio Report
Liquidation Report

Market Reports
Price History
Current Quotes

Temporary Password
Withdrawing Funds from Your Account

About WebExchange

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