Computer Industry Returns Market

The Computer Industry Returns Market is a real-money futures market where contract payoffs will be determined by stock prices returns of three computer industry firms (Apple, IBM, and Microsoft) and the S&P 500. Please see the market prospectus for specific details of this market.

This market is for classroom use. It is open to all traders with academic affiliation. Consult our online trader's manual for additional information.

Note: Between March 20, 2001 and May 21, 2001, this market was designated a private market, with current information made available only to registered traders. Use this page for information about contracts trading prior to March 20, and after May 21, 2001. To access market information between those dates, login to your account and follow relevant links there.

Overview: Brief overview of trading information for the Computer Returns Market.

Prospectus: Description of the Computer Industry Returns Market.

IEM Data: IEM Data concerning the Computer Industry Returns Market. (For data on trading between March 20, 2001 and May 21, 2001, you must log in.)

IEM Daily Prices Graph: Graph of midnight "closing" prices for the Computer Industry Returns Market.

IEM WebExchange Users Guide: For information on how to trade.

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International Business Machines Corporation


Microsoft Corporation

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