IEM 2000 Taiwan Election Markets

offered by The Iowa Electronic Markets
in collaboration with The Center for Chinese Electoral Studies, Duke University

The IEM 2000 Taiwan Election Markets are real-money futures markets where contract liquidation values will be determined by the outcome of the nationwide vote in the March 18, 2000, Presidential Election in Taiwan. There are two markets in this group. The first, a "Vote Share" market, depends on the allocation of votes across candidates. The value of contracts in this market will be determined as $1.00 times the share of votes won by each candidate. The second market is a "Winner" market; it depends only on which candidate wins a plurality of votes. Contracts in the market will have values of either $1.00 or $0.00 depending on whether the candidate represented by the contract wins the election. See the market prospectuses for specific details of each of these markets.

The markets are open to all traders world-wide. Transactions are in US dollars. Funds invested are fungible across the two markets but not across other US dollar denominated markets operated by the IEM. Participation in either or both of the markets requires one enrollment and investment as a Taiwan 2000 trader; automatic access is not provided to traders with other IEM accounts. To enroll in the markets, visit the Taiwan Market Signups page.

    TAIWAN_VS -- 2000 Presidential Election in Taiwan, Vote Share Market
(Open November 22, 1999)

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    TAIWAN_W -- 2000 Presidential Election in Taiwan, Winner Market
(Open February 15, 2000)

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Taiwan_VS Overview:
Taiwan_W Overview:
Brief overviews of the trading information for the Taiwan 2000 Political Markets
Taiwan_VS Prospectus:
Taiwan_W Prospectus:
Formal descriptions of the TAIWAN_VS Markets
  IEM Data: Current and historical prices from all 2000 Taiwan Election Markets.
Taiwan_VS Graph:
Taiwan_W Graph:
Graph of midnight "closing" prices for the TAIWAN_VS and TAIWAN_W markets
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