Sample Syllabi & Assignments

The following syllabi and assignments have been developed to help you incorporate the IEM into your classroom.


Corporate Financial Reporting (MBA)
Professor DeJong, University of Iowa

Introduction to Financial Accounting (MBA)
Professor Dickhaut, University of Minnesota

Introduction to Financial Reporting (Undergraduate)
Professor B. Radhakrishna, University of Minnesota


Principles of Micro Economics (Undergraduate)
Professor Cambronero, Fisk University

Managerial Economics (MBA)
Professor Forsythe, University of Iowa

Principles of Economics I and II (Undergraduate)
Professor Pagán, University of Texas--Pan American

Computer Applications for Economics (Undergraduate)
Professor Velez, St. Mary's University


Investments (Undergraduate)
Questions Developed for use with Bodie, Kane and Marcus, Essentials of Investments.
Professor Rietz, University of Iowa

Financial Management (Undergraduate)
Professor Ball, Virginia Tech

Investments: Analysis and Management (Undergraduate)
Professor Cambronero, Fisk University

Introductory Financial Management (Undergraduate)
Professors Handa and Rietz, University of Iowa

A Sample Lecture on Market Structure using the IEM
Professors Handa and Rietz, University of Iowa

Personal Financial Planning
Professor Ignatius, University of Maine--Augusta


Marketing Management (MBA)
Professor Gruca, University of Iowa

Political Science

American Government (Undergraduate)
Professor Rosberg, Kirkwood Community College

Submitting Assignments

We invite you to submit your own assignments, which will make it easier for other instructors to adopt the IEM, providing deeper markets and allowing us to operate a wider array of interesting markets. Of course, you will also receive our acknowledgment and thanks for any assignments submitted. To discuss a submission, e-mail the IEM Administrator at