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Navigating in WebExchange

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The WebEx Screen

WebEx Screen

The WebEx screen is divided into three sections (shown above)

The Market Window shows the current best bid, best ask, and last trade price for all assets traded in the market. In addition, the Market Window contains information about your activity in the market. When one of your outstanding orders reaches the top of its respective queue, an asterisk will appear after the associated best bid or best ask price. The hypertext links in the columns labeled "Quantity Held", "Your Bids", and "Your Asks" give you access to information about your trades and outstanding orders for individual assets in the market. Market Window functions are described in detail in the Account Specific Reports and Market Reports sections of this manual.

The Trading Console allows you to enter trades. This console is described in detail in the Trading section of this manual.

The Navigation Bar allows you to move between markets and view additional information about markets and your trader account. The funtions available to you in the Navigation Bar are described in detail below.

The WebEx Navigation Bar

WebEx Navigation Bar

The bottom of your WebEx screen contains a navigation bar. This navigation bar contains 5 buttons (labeled 2-6 in the picture above):

To access a function, click on the associated button.

"Go To Market" Button

The Go To Market button (labeled "2" in the picture above) allows you to change the market shown in the price screen, or to return to the markets after viewing another information screen. To use this function, first choose a market by selecting it from the Market Select List (to the left of the Go To Market button; labeled "1" in the picture above). Then click on Go To Market to change to that market.

"Market Info" Button

The Market Information button (labeled "3" in the picture above) gives you access to public information about the markets. This information includes price histories for the contracts in the market, market prospectuses, and historical price graphs.

To see information for a particular market, first select the market using the Go To Market button, then click on the Market Information button to see the list of available information.

"My Account" Button

The My Account button (labeled "4" in the picture above) gives you access to information about your account and allows you to maintain information about your account. Use this option to:

"Help" Button

The Help button (labeled "5" in the picture above) gives you access to general information about the WebEx trading system. Use this button to access information about how to trade, how to maintain your account, and how to contact the IEM Office.

"Logout" Button

Use the Logout button (labeled "6" in the picture above) to log out of your account. Remember: neglecting to log out may give others access to your account.

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