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Your account is assigned a trader-name and password as soon as it is opened. Your initial password is a random string of up to 15 characters. For security purposes, you should change your password the first time you log into your account.

To change your password, use the My Account button in the WebEx Navigation Bar (denoted "1" in the picture below) and select the "Change Password" option.

WebEx Change Password

Each time you log into your account, you will be asked for your trader-name and password. You cannot gain access to your account without this information. Keep it in a safe place. Do not paste it to your computer screen.

If you have trouble logging in, or if you believe someone else has logged into your account, contact the IEM Office immediately (iem@uiowa.edu).

Temporary Password

When you log into your account, you will be assigned a temporary password. This password is a random ID assigned for your current session. It is valid only for your current session. Its use helps keep your password secure, by eliminating the need to send your account password across the Internet with every transaction.

IP Security

Because many of our traders use computers in shared computer labs, our software includes an IP Security feature. This feature causes the software to check that all requests issued during your trading session originate from the same computer. This prevents someone from using information that they can see on your trading screen to access your current trading session.

Sometimes this security feature is incompatible with the way your computer is assigned an IP address (for instance, if you use a proxy server). You can disable IP Security by choosing "IP Security Disabled" on the trader login page.

For more information about IP Security, read our IP Security page.

Withdrawing Funds from Your Account

Withdrawal requests must be made either by completing our online withdrawal request form, or by sending email from the email address you have filed with us. If we are unable to verify your withdrawal request, we will not process it.

Withdrawn funds are remitted to you by a check made out in your name. This check is mailed to the current address shown in your IEM trader account record.

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