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Market reports for public markets are accessible whether or not you log into the markets. To access market reports after you log in, use the Market Information button. To access reports without logging in, access the main IEM page at:

Price History

Price history contains information about daily market prices and activity. Histories report information for each 24-hour daily period (from midnight to midnight). This information includes:

To obtain price history reports, click on the Market Info button at the bottom of your WebEx screen (denoted "3" in the picture below) to see the list markets for which reports are available. Then click on the market for which you would like to view reports. Choose the Price History Report. Then specify the asset(s) and time period for which you would like the history.

WebEx Market Reports

Current Quotes

The current quote screen reports the most recent best bid, best ask, and last trade price for the market you have selected. If you are logged in, these are real-time quotes. If you are not logged in, quotes are reported with up to a 15-minute lag.

If you are logged in and your browser is configured for automatic refresh, the quote screen will refresh every 15 seconds. You can also click on the Refresh hypertext that appears in your WebEx market window to refresh the quotes (denotes "4" in the picture above).

Remember: you control your browser’s configuration. Your browser’s documentation is the best place to learn more about the characteristics and capabilities of your specific browser.


The rules for a specific market are described in the market’s prospectus. The prospectus describes the assets traded in the market, the rules of trade for the market, how liquidation values will be determined, and who can trade in the market.

To access a market's prospectus, first access the market screen for the market in which you are interested (shown as steps 1 and two in the picture below). Then click on the Market Name hypertext that appears in the upper right-hand side of your WebEx market window (denoted "5" in the picture above). You can also access the prospectus by using the Market Info button at the bottom of your WebEx screen (denoted "3" in the picture above).

Do not trade in a market unless you have read and understood the market’s prospectus.

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