Market Information: CONGRESS22

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Description:   2022 Congressional Control Market
Open Date: 02/26/21 11:00 AM
Close Date:

Name Description
DH_DS22     $1 if Democratic House, Democratic Senate; $0 otherwise
DH_RS22     $1 if Democratic House, Republican Senate; $0 otherwise
RH_DS22     $1 if Republican House, Democratic Senate; $0 otherwise
RH_RS22     $1 if Republican House, Republican Senate; $0 otherwise
OTHER22     $1 if none of the named contract has a pay off of $1; $0 otherwise

Bundles: (To buy or sell bundles, select the bundle from the -Market Orders- list in your trading console. You may need to use the slide bar on the select box to see the bundle names.)
Name BundleType Price Net Issued   Description
CONGRESS22      Fixed Price    1.000   4,772   One of each contract in the CONGRESS22 market
CONGRESS22      Market Price    One of each contract in the CONGRESS22 market