Market Information: SENATE20

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Name: SENATE20
Description:   2020 U.S. Senate Control Market
Open Date: 10/14/19 09:00 AM
Close Date: 12/04/20 01:00 PM

Name Description
RS.gain20     $1 if the Republicans have more than 53 Senate seats; $0 otherwise
RS.hold20     $1 if Republicans have 50 Senate seats plus the Vice Presidency or more than 50, but not more than 53, Senate seats; $0 otherwise
RS.lose20     $1 if Republicans hold fewer than 50 Senate seats or hold 50 Senate seats but not the Vice Presidency; $0 otherwise

Bundles: (To buy or sell bundles, select the bundle from the -Market Orders- list in your trading console. You may need to use the slide bar on the select box to see the bundle names.)
Name BundleType Price Net Issued   Description
Senate20      Fixed Price    1.000   9,724   One of each of the contracts in the SENATE20 Market
Senate20      Market Price    One of each of the contracts in the SENATE20 Market